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More than thirty years ago a young owner told my father that he had bought himself a Saluki from England. The same man told him repeatedly with pride about the origins of this pure breed. His story rested in my father’s minds for several of years.

Many years later we owned an aged Maltese female and we were planning to buy a second dog. Thinking back of those old stories, our desire to have a saluki grew stronger and stronger.

Pretty soon we came in contact with Marcel and Solange Van Thienen – De Decker, breeders of “Djaal Lhilal” Salukis. That same day we were allowed to visit their home. Upon seeing their salukis, we fell in love with their dogs and specifically with the breed. A couple of months later we became the proud owners of our first saluki bitch, Hadiyyah Djaal Lhilal.

At first we were not planning to participate, with Hadiyyah, at dogshows. Though our curiousness got stronger and not much later Hadiyyah entered her first dogshow (in baby class). Where she became best female baby. This tasted for more and many local and foreign shows followed.

Less than two years later our Maltese dog passed away with fourteen years of age. Hadiyyah wasn’t used to be alone. Two weeks later Hadiyyah got herself a new compagnion. We became the proud owners of our second saluki, Jalilah Djaal Lhilal.

Several years later… Dreaming of a new generation of saluki puppies, we applied to the Belgian Kennel Club for our own kennel name. And our story of Amal Hayati was born ...

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